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Boundary Changes (2009)

As part of Shaping 4J’s Future planning process, the school board requested the superintendent review school boundaries and decide if some adjustments would make sense in light of current school locations and enrollment.

There were seven boundary change proposals. Those going forward at this time are in bold:

Boundary 1: Laurel Hill Valley

Boundary 2: Vicinity East of Morse Ranch to Hilyard

Boundary 3: Hawkins/Blacktail Drive Vicinity

Boundary 4: East Skinner Butte Historic District Area

Boundary 5: West Downtown Area

Boundary 6: West College Hill Area

Boundary 7: South Fox Hollow Road Area

In February 2009, the superintendent decided to implement the changes to Boundary 1 and Boundary 4 as originally proposed; implement the Boundary 3 and Boundary 6 changes with some slight modifications suggested by parents; and go forward with Boundary 7, a new boundary change that was requested by parents in the area after the boundary review process began. The boundary changes are effective beginning with the 2009–10 school year.

Proposal 2 and Proposal 5 will not be implemented at this time, but may be reconsidered following budget decisions for the 2009–11 biennium.

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