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Proposal #1: Laurel Hill Valley


This change will be implemented for the 2009–10 school year.

Neighborhood school affected:

Change from Harris Elementary School to Edison Elementary School.

Geographic area affected:

East of Laurelwood Golf Course and Hendricks Park; South and West of I-5; North of Moon Mountain ridgeline. Click here for a map of the area affected.

What does it mean for 4J students who live within this area?

  • At the elementary school level, students currently enrolled may:
  • Attend the newly assigned neighborhood school, Edison Elementary, beginning next year. Bus transportation will be provided.
  • Continue attending their current neighborhood school, Harris Elementary. Bus transportation will not be provided.
  • Continue attending any other school the student has transferred to through the school choice process. Parents will continue to provide transportation.
  • Students new to the area or starting school will be assigned to the new neighborhood school. Students who wish to attend a different school must request a transfer through the school choice process.
  • There is no change in neighborhood middle or high schools for students in the area. Students will continue to be assigned to Roosevelt Middle School and South Eugene High School. Students who wish to attend a different school must request a transfer through the school choice process.

How many students might be affected by this proposed change?

Currently, there are 53 elementary school students in the proposed area. Of those, 21 attend Harris Elementary, 17 attend Edison Elementary, and 15 attend other 4J schools.

What were the opportunities for community input?

  • Families of 4J elementary students within the area were sent a letter with a feedback postcard.
  • Other stakeholders provided public input via an online survey, comment cards, or at five meetings held in December and early January.
  • In the Laurel Hill Valley area, 83% of the parents responding supported the proposal to change the neighborhood school to Edison Elementary School.