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Civic Stadium


Civic Stadium, the vacant baseball stadium located near East 20th Avenue and Willamette Street in Eugene, was owned by Eugene School District 4J from the time it was built in 1938 until 2015. The district also owned some adjacent properties, acquired between 1938 and 1941.

The stadium properties were no longer needed for educational purposes and were designated as surplus property in 2002.

The district sold the stadium and surrounding property in 2015. The City of Eugene purchased the property from the school district and immediately sold most of it to the Eugene Civic Alliance, which planned to renovate the stadium and develop the property as a sports and recreation complex. The City retained about half an acre of the 10.2-acre property to be developed into a small park in the future, along with an easement for a narrow corridor through the site to develop into a walking and biking path, according to the City.

The property sale closed on April 27, 2015. Two months after the property was sold, the stadium grandstands burned in a fire on June 29, 2015.

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