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Focus Group Reports

In November and December 2006, eight focus groups comprised primarily
of 4J staff were assigned to discuss a specific instructional topic.

Each focus group:

  • reviewed research on best practices
  • looked at student enrollment trends, and
  • identified options for how services might best be provided in the future.

Background Documents

An overview of the process 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Process.pdf 54 KB
Focus Group Guide: Includes summary of best practice research 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Guide.pdf 1.4 MB
A listing of the members of earch group 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Participants.pdf 41.7 KB

Focus Group Reports

Focus Group Progress Report 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Progress.pdf 182.03 KB
Special Education: What is the right model for special education in 4J? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_SpEd.pdf 116.96 KB
Title 1: What is the right model for Title 1 in 4J? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Title1.pdf 156.44 KB
English Language Learners: What is the right model for ELL in 4J? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_ELL.pdf 97.37 KB
Pre-Kindergarten and Full Day Kindergartens: Are 4J elementary schools going to house and support full day kindergartens and/or pre-kindergarten programs? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_KG.pdf 189.68 KB
High School Size: What size high schools, including alternative schools, is 4J willing to accommodate? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_HSS.pdf 116.92 KB
Elementary and Middle School Size: What size elementary and middle schools, including alternative schools, is 4J willing to accommodate? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Elem_Mid.pdf 116.31 KB
Technology: How will technology support 4J operations and instruction (regular instruction and such programs as special education and ELL)? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Tech 1.pdf
298.11 KB
Grade Configuration: Should 4J consider implementing alternative grade configurations (e.g., K-8 or primary schools), and, if so, which ones? 4J-Shaping4J_FG_Grade_Conf.pdf 129.03 KB