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Think Tank

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January – June 2007

The Think Tank will explore the options and issues, identified by eight focus groups in the first phase of Shaping 4J’s Future, and develop a set of integrated options or scenarios for further consideration. The Think Tank will forward these scenarios to the Eugene School Board; the board will then decide which scenarios to forward to a broader public involvement process that will start in fall 2007.

The Think Tank is conducted by a team from the University of Oregon (UO), in consultation with the 4J School District. University faculty directing the Think Tank bring expertise in collaborative processes and public deliberation efforts. The UO team members are:

  • Richard Margerum, Associate Professor; Chair of Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management
  • Ed Weeks, Associate Professor, Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management
  • Robert Parker, Co-Director, UO Community Service Center

Think Tank Participants

Susan Ban Executive Director, Shelter Care
Jim Carlson Central Services Executive Director, City of Eugene
Steve Carmichael United Way Board of Directors and former Lane County Youth Services Director
Serafina Clark Senior Program Services Coordinator, Department of Children and Families
Virginia Farkas 4J Budget Committee and 4J Parent
Chuck Forrester Executive Director, Lane Workforce Partnership
Gerry Gaydos Managing Partner, Gaydos, Churnside & Balthrop
Emilio Hernandez Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, University of Oregon and former appointee to the State Board of Education
Steve Korth Partner, McKay Investment Co. (Oakway Mall) and 4J Parent
Marilyn Klug Regional Vice President, Peace Health
Charis McGaughy 4J Parent
Hugh Prichard Prichard Partners
Virginia Thompson Former 4J School Board member and former Board Secretary for the State Board of Higher Education